Friday, August 07, 2009

An Empty House

She was there all these months. We grew used to having her around. Her constant complaints about small things. Why are we wasting pennies on things that are not useful, why arent we keeping things clean around the house, why dont we eat on time, why dont we take care of our health. We grew used to the love that was getting showered on us unconditionally and un-interrupted. The food and delicaies waiting for us when we came down in the morning and came home in the evenings. The long walks and talks about childhood and friends/relatives back home. For us, it was the "normal" life. But she is not there now. She got on a plane this morning and will get off on the other side of the earth. The world is not the same as it was 4 hours back. The house is not the same and neither are we. Time changes everything and the new "normal" will settle in soon and life will go on but right now I know what we are missing. Here is to you mom, and all the mom's in the world. now and always.

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Rti said...

awww!!! I know I can relate to every word of it... or infact I think everyone can, all the mothers in this world are so same... When god made humans he created so many varieties, no two people are so same but he couldnt make any mother different from other... As he was so used to his he couldn't think of anything else but her.